Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)
Facilities and Services

(Beijing, China)

Beijing Capital International Airport is the main air transportation gateway to China and an important domestic hub, with flights operating to all areas of China. Serving more than 78 million passengers per year, the airport currently has two terminal buildings, with a third due to open in time for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Beijing Capital Airport is constantly being modernised and in particular the larger Terminal 2 has a host of modern amenities and facilities for travellers. Once opened, Terminal 3 will improve on the already impressive range of passenger services. Terminal 2 has business and conference facilities, Wi-Fi Internet access, banks, ATM machines, great gift shopping, an excellent selection of eateries and extensive disabled facilities.

Airport Information Desks

Tel: +86 10 6456 3220
Terminal 2 at Beijing Capital International (PEK) is a very large terminal consisting of three levels. Domestic Arrivals, International Baggage Claim and Domestic Baggage Claim are located on Level 1; International Departures and Domestic Departures on Level 2; and International Arrivals on Level 3. Most of the airport's restaurants, cafés, bars, shops and VIP lounges are located on Level 2, while Level 1 has facilities and amenities for passengers heading into Beijing such as tourist operator counters, car rental desks and tourist, airport, bus and taxi information. Additionally, there are airport information desks on Level 2 and Level 3. Information, security and medical staff at Beijing Capital International Airport are consistently given praise for their helpfulness. Some useful numbers include:

Airport Main Switchboard - +86 10 6456 3220
Left Luggage Counter - +86 10 6459 8151
Airport Lost and Found - +86 10 6459 8333
Complaints - +86 010 6457 1666
Tourist Information Desk - +86 10 6456 4227
Shopping Information - +86 10 6456 3220
Paging - +86 10 6456 3220
Airport Shuttle - +86 10 6456 3220
Parking Information - +86 10 6456 3220
Airport Restaurants - +86 10 6456 3220
Post Office - +86 10 6459 2056

Shops, Duty-Free and Retail Outlets

There is a wide range of shopping outlets both before and after security at Beijing Airport, with stores situated on all three levels. Level 2 has separate shopping areas for Domestic Departures and International Departures. The Domestic Departures area has retail outlets selling a variety of items including tea, souvenirs, alcohol, traditional clothing, toys, electronic goods, watches, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The International Departures area has great duty-free shopping with many of the same items that are on offer in the Domestic Departures area, but at cheaper prices. There are also bargains to be had on Chinese spirits, jewellery and crafts.

Bars, Cafés and Restaurants

With eating being a favourite pastime of the Chinese, it comes as no surprise that the airport has a great range of restaurants, cafés and bars. Most of the eateries are located on the Departures level (Level 2), with the Domestic Departures area hosting Chinese restaurants, Chinese noodle stands and a Chinese fast-food counter. The International Departures area has similar options, although Chinese fast food is replaced by Western fast food such as McDonalds as well as Japanese and Korean menus. Visitors waiting for arriving guests can grab something quick to eat on the underground level.

Currency Exchange, Communications and Banking Facilities

Beijing Capital International Airport has excellent banking services with five Chinese banks operating full service branches at the airport. Services include currency exchange, credit card services and domestic draft, check, remittance and international remittance as well as travellers cheque exchange. These banks also have ATM machines spread across all three levels of the Terminal 2 building. A full service post office is open from 07:00 to 20:00 and can provide express delivery, posting of books, magazines, newspapers, parcels and letters as well as selling Magcards for use in public telephones.

Business and Conference Facilities

The airport has a fully-equipped Commercial Service Centre, which has facilities for sending and receiving facsimile, photocopying, printing and mobile phone charging as well as PC and notebook workstations. Additionally, the airline VIP lounges on the second floor of the terminal offer additional business and conference options. For visitors requiring conference facilities, the Airport Garden Hotel and the Capital Airport Hotel are situated just a few miles from the airport and have a wide rage of rooms available that can be fitted with the latest audiovisual equipment. Catering can also be arranged.

Disabled Facilities

Beijing Capital International Airport has a complete range of disabled amenities such as modified telephones, toilets and elevators. Ramps are provided throughout the terminal buildings as well as on each level of the parking garage. The parking garage has many parking spaces reserved for the mobility impaired, which are situated in the most convenient locations. Wheelchairs can be arranged through your airline, while the Beijing Airport Ground Service Corporation can provide assistance.

Beijing Airport PEK

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